Video Poker Guide
Video Poker Guide

Video Poker Guide

One of the most played games within a casino is video poker. There is one simple reason as to why this is the case and that would be that poker is the most known card game for most people. People have been playing this game for dozens of years and it remains popular across the world. The addition of video poker to land casinos in the eighties saw it grow to become the second most played game in a casino, both land and online and it is for that reason that most casinos will include a wide variety of video poker games within their game library.

You will find that each video poker game you play is unique in its own way, meaning that you shall always be able to have a different experience when you access a different version. Playing video poker requires that one has an understanding of the game of poker. It is more of a skill base game and therefore without that understanding being successful at it would be doubtful.

As you enter a casino online and look under the video poker tab you will see a cross selection of games to choose from. The more commonly known ones are Joker Poker, Aces and Faces and Jacks or Better. However there are now many that include far more payouts that the originals in this category. This can include titles like Double Double video poker or Aces and Eights. Each VP machine you play will offer a different paytable and therefore one playing must pay attention to this and adjust their play and strategy in order to be successful with that version of the game. Multi-hand video poker and single hand are found with multi-hand starting at 4 hands through to 100 hands per game played.

To commence playing all that is needed is to determine the coins you wish to play and their size. Then deal the cards, which you will be given a second chance for additional cards based on the cards you may choose to fold for dealing of replacement cards. Online versions allow for the gamble feature each winning hand and players can decide how many times they wish to risk winnings with each hand the option to gamble. Royal Flushes, sequential Royal Flushes, straights, pairs and two pairs are all commonly found within paytables and can afford you to increase winnings based on outcomes.

The game of video poker is an exciting one that can return very attractive results. It allows you to use skills you already have to increase bankrolls and win playing a game that you enjoy. The added multi-hand games, the extra variations means an endless number of video poker games all ready to entertain you for hours. Consider the higher than average payouts for poker games of this nature and you have an opportunity unlike any given in the past with land based casinos.

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